Which products do you choose?

We have all been there before. We are standing in front of two products that are are similar in price, brand status, and function and we have to choose one. The products basically have one last chance to ‘close the deal’ with us as it were. What does this usually boil down to when we make our conscious, or even subconscious decision? Appearances. The one with the better packaging quality, and a design that speaks to us more, will win out. It could be heavier, sleeker, classier, or just a better balance of color and proportion. Even if it won by a small margin, it still won us over and a sale was made.

The Power of Great Packaging

One of the big factors in making a name for a company is standing out from the crowd. This is especially important for newcomers and entrepreneurs where brand recognition can be directly connected to sales and the overall appeal of a new brand or startup. Some companies may find their sales in a slump, only to later see a sales increase with a label or packaging refresh, all without a single change to the original product.

Knowing your demographic can help you to focus in on the brand image your packaging relays. Think about home improvement stores with their signs and logos showing industrial font types and bold masculine colors. Or a jewelry chain with an elegant scrolled text and softer colors for a more feminine touch. These businesses know their intended majority market and cater to these demographics in their design for greater appeal. They do this because they know the power of brand image and design, and have spent a good deal of time and resources to focus in on their intended markets for increased sales. A simplified example, but when carried through to the end, focusing your image process on target customer groups can have a more powerful effect over something that just ‘looks nice’ in general.

How to Harness the Power of a Smart Package Design

You should start with a packaging company that will give you the attention you need. Some larger companies that do large runs don’t have the time or resources for smaller startups or entrepreneurs, so if that includes you, you may want to use a company that can give you personal attention. You may also want to make sure they will do smaller runs at a price that falls within your budget, and that you don’t run into issues with requesting limited smaller runs. Once you are ready to work with your new packaging company, you will want to work with an in house designer, if available, that takes the time to understand your company’s mission, demographic, and the type of message you want to send that separates you from the crowd. You will also want to make sure that the packaging supporting the freshly designed image is of high quality to complete your image. Do a very small run or request a sample to make sure that it meets your standards.

Karepak serves the Greater San Francisco Area and helps clients worldwide meet the above criteria for an outstanding brand image and packaging process for supplements and nutraceuticals. Karepak may be a great choice for your business, specializing in smaller runs for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that aren’t getting the attentive service they deserve from the larger run focused big packaging companies.

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