We’re a small town company with big experience in supplement manufacturing and packaging.

Our diversity and backgrounds lend to a unique blend of skillsets for dietary supplement manufacturing and packaging. We have a passion for quality and a commitment to on-time delivery. We enjoy the challenge of specialized projects and approach them with enthusiasm. We strive to excel in performance for all of our customers’ orders.

Located in Oakdale, California, KarePak was created with the intention to service entrepreneurs and small businesses with their supplement manufacturing and packaging needs. A company that would serve the smaller businesses in the dietary supplement industry who, in the past, had found it difficult working with the larger manufacturing and packaging companies due to their need for smaller run sizes. At KarePak we believe our most valuable attribute is our ability and willingness to work with small businesses and we strive to work within our customer’s perimeters.


We’re people with passion for our industry.




With over forty-two years experience in manufacturing, packaging, operations, and quality in the dietary supplement industry. A chief administrator and working president dedicated to helping you achieve your product ideals and getting it to the market. Committed to quality and excellence in all aspects production.


Operations Specialist


With over eight years experience in packaging operations, maintenance, and supervision. A dedicated operations specialist who can assist you throughout the order process offering excellent customer service for all your questions.


Package Designer, Web Designer


With over thirty-three years experience in graphic design, package design and web solutions, including international SEO. The ultimate goal is to create great design that speaks to your audience and sells your product.